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Do It Digital is a comprehensive, full-service online agency dedicated to delivering exceptional results for each client we serve. Specializing in Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Paid Advertising, Data Analysis and Graphic Design, we possess the expertise to maximize your online success. 

We Can Help You

Do It Digital takes great pride in offering a comprehensive range of online services meticulously designed to cater to your unique business needs.
With our extensive expertise, we specialize in providing tailored solutions that propel your online presence to new heights.

Website Development and Search Engine Optimization

We are dedicated to crafting tailor-made websites that perfectly align with your business needs. We understand that achieving your competitive advantage and distinguishing yourself from the competition is of utmost importance. That's why we bring our extensive knowledge of SEO to the table, ensuring that your online presence not only stands out but also drives tangible results.

Online Advertising and Lead Generation

Our team of seasoned marketers are here to not only provide valuable insights and guidance but also to help you achieve your ROI and online business goals. With our expertise in paid advertising and lead generation strategies, we will assist you in unlocking new opportunities and converting B2B or B2C prospects into valuable customers.

Content Creation and Business Branding

We understand the importance of a captivating brand image and engaging content. That's why we offer comprehensive assistance in designing your unique look and feel, as well as meeting all your branding and content creation needs. From crafting compelling brand narratives to creating visually stunning graphics, we work closely with you to ensure that your business stands out.

Social Media Management and Marketing

Social media marketing and management thrives when executed by a team equipped with in-depth knowledge and a fresh, innovative approach. We take pride in our youthful and innovative team that understands the intricacies of social media platforms and leverage them to amplify your brand's reach and engagement.

Email Marketing

Our focus is on customer retention, engagement, and avoiding unnecessary unsubscribes. We deliver attractive and informative email campaigns tailored to your target audience, emphasizing customer engagement and ongoing retention for optimal results. With our expertise, we navigate the complexities of email marketing, including avoiding spam blocks, ensuring your emails reach the intended audience.

Digital Consulting and Strategy

One of our core specialties is delving deep into understanding your business. With this understanding, we expertly craft and tailor-make a successful online strategy that aligns perfectly with your business objectives. Our dedicated team of digital consultants combines their expertise and industry knowledge to develop a strategic roadmap that maximizes your online potential.

Seeing is Believing

We firmly believe that seeing is believing. That’s why we invite you to dive into our extraordinary portfolio of past work successes, showcasing the remarkable transformations we have brought to our clients’ businesses.

Our Valued Clients

We place immense value on the relationships we build with our esteemed customers. They are the driving force behind our success and the reason we are passionate about what we do. We take great pride in the trust they have placed in us, and we strive to exceed their expectations at every step.

Hear It From Them

"Do It Digital has been an absolute pleasure to work with. As a start-up company, we partnered with them to design and develop our website/s and implement our digital marketing strategy. They have never once failed to
deliver our requests and expectations. We have since used them for brand development and CI and are impressed with their all-round capability. They are responsive, flexible and forward thinking and I would have no hesitation in recommending them."

Anthea Henderson,

Mas Power

“I’ve been impressed with DO IT DIGITAL’s domain expertise, responsiveness and
professionalism, and would be happy to recommend them to others.
Thanks Jess!”

Antony Adelaar,


“Excellent project management and communication expertise!
Highly recommended!”

Michelle Roniak,

Le Pawtique

“It's a pleasure to work with Do It Digital. Jess is a fantastic entrepreneur
and understands the nuances of the agency business.
Any business owner who is looking for an exponential growth
should consult with Jess and Do It Digital team.”

Anand Agarwal,

Firstwire Apps

“Great response time. Awesome to work with.
High quality and affordable services.”

Francois Bergh,

Ace Online Solutions

"My experience has been excellent. The quality of work and people
has been unbelievable"

Richard Lurie,


Empowering Success Through Inspired Leadership

At the helm of our thriving online team is our visionary CEO, Jessica Smerkovitz. With a wealth of experience in the dynamic realm of digital marketing, Jessica founded Do It Digital to realize her passion for driving businesses to new heights in the online world.

Combining her hands-on approach with an innate understanding of the digital landscape, Jessica leads by example, inspiring our team to deliver exceptional results. Her dedication to excellence and unwavering commitment to client success have been instrumental in shaping the foundation of Do it Digital.
Jessica Smerkovitz CEO of Do it Digital

Jessica Smerkovitz

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Insights, Tips, and Strategies for Your Business

In our blog, we dive deep into the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, web development, and online strategies. Here, you’ll find a treasure trove of valuable insights, expert tips, and innovative strategies to help your business thrive in the digital landscape. Our team of seasoned professionals is passionate about sharing their knowledge and expertise, empowering you with the tools and techniques needed to unlock your digital potential.

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Our team of experts are here to assist you in finding the perfect online solutions tailored to your unique needs. From skyrocketing your online presence to driving more leads and boosting conversions, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today and let’s embark on a journey towards digital success together.